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At W-Selection we strongly believe that the foundation and ongoing success of any type of businesses is based on remarkable individuals their talents, skills and commitment. We are connected to more than amazing employment opportunities to serve the most important asset of a company: its people. We are devoted and passionate to bring careers to a higher level as we focus on professional growth & improvement.

  1. As search and selection specialists we make it our personal mission and commitment to be of service to  high potentials specialized in Engineering, Healthcare and Sales. We are committed to employ a professional personal approach in: 1) connecting clients to exceptional and valuable individuals with integrity through our thorough screening process  and  2) connecting high potentials to employment opportunities which will nurture, improve and continuously challenge your knowledge and skills.
  2. We understand that companies have to deal with an overload of incoming resumes for different open positions. Dealing with resumes which do not immediately pass the first screening are 75% of the time not answered. Which may result in not retaining qualified individuals. By representing your company as an ` Inhouse Resume coordinator ` we are more than willing to receive these resumes and give the applicants an honest and comprehensive feedback why they have not been selected. In return we will work with these applicants and guide them through new opportunities. You simply forward the resume and the job offer to wumba@w-selection.com   - we scrutinly analyze according your requirements and do the rest of the work.

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Wumba Mayifuila

Search & Selection For High Potentials

How does it work?

  1. Send us voluntarily your resume or apply to an offer of your choice
  2. We will conduct a first in-depth skype/phone interview
    • If necessary, we might send you additional skills or personality assessments
    • Please provide us with 2 references
  3. We will search & select employment opportunities for you based on our in-depth interview
  4. You choose which employment opportunity (or more) interests you 
  5. We represent your application to employers and follow up closely (guidance for interview + signing contract if necessary)

New Employment Opportunities

Search & Selection For Employers

How does it work?

  1. Submit your company details and the person of contact 
  2. Submit a detailed job description 
  3. You will receive a confirmation email of your submittal.  
  4. We post your employment opportunities on W-Selection's website & selected jobboards at no charge.
  5. We select, analyze (based on specific & measured methods) & screen qualified candidates and follow-up closely for further process (interview  + assessment feedback+signing contract if necessary).

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