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I strongly believe that the foundation and ongoing success of any type of businesses is based on remarkable individuals their talents, skills and commitment. I remember on january 1, 2014 when I placed my first  high potential in a more than amazing employment opportunity – what a feeling! The kick, the happiness, and the thrill I felt that day led me into a new journey - a new passion - that I will never forget and until today I still experience the same passion and excitement of my placements. Clients and high potentials have taught and educate me in such a way that through their passion  I felt the passion to listen, analyze, learn and witness how they put their knowledge in service of our daily routines.

  1. As a search and selection specialist I make it my personal mission and commitment to be of service to clients and senior management/executive high potentials specialized in Engineering, Healthcare and Sales. I am committed to employ a professional personal approach in: 1) connecting clients to exceptional and valuable individuals  and  2) connecting high potentials to employment opportunities which will nurture, improve and continuously challenge your knowledge and skills.
  2. I understand that companies have to deal with an overload of incoming resumes for different open positions. Dealing with resumes which do not immediately pass the first screening are 75% of the time not answered. By representing your company as a resume coordinator I am more than willing to receive these resumes and give the applicants an honest and comprehensive feedback why they have not been selected. In return I will work with the applicants and guide them through new opportunities. You simply forward the resume and the job offer to wumba@w-selection.com   - I analyze and do the rest of the work.

Get in touch with me today and see how we can make a difference within your industry.
Be blessed beyond success,

Wumba Mayifuila

Search & Selection For High Potentials

As a high potential of W-Selection I will first conduct an in-depth screening of your personality and resume in order to clearly understand your skills, talents and professional purpose. Also to better understand which type of cultural fit of a company suits you for a long term commitment. Secondly, I will search and select employment opportunities that matches your professional desires, qualifications & expectations. Finally, after you confirm your interest for an employment opportunity (or more) we submit your application to the employers and we follow up closely for accurate and timely feedback for further process. 

Work Process

  1. Send me voluntarily your resume or complete the application form once you decided which opportunity interests you
  2. You will be contacted for a first in-depth skype/phone interview
    • - If necessary, we might send you additional skills or personality assessments
    • - Please provide us with 2 references
  3. I will search & select employment opportunities for you based on our in-depth interview
  4. You choose which employment opportunity (or more) interests you 
  5. I will represent your application to employers and follow closely for further process (guidance for interview + signing contract if necessary)


PS: As I wish to assist our high potentials to the maximum I only handle a selected number of applications at a time in order to strive for maximum results. And as I sincerely appreciate your trust in me to assist you in boosting your career, I want to acknowledge this privilege by sending you a special thank you gift once we’ve found together your next challenge. So, be on the outlook for W-Selection’s mailings & gifts!

I am curious to learn more about your career-story and I look forward to work with you!

Be blessed beyond success,


New Employment Opportunities

Search & Selection For Employers

As a Business Partner of W-Selection I am committed to deliver senior management & executive high potentials specialized in Engineering, Healthcare and Sales. I will focus on your hard to fill positions and respect your key requirements. By simply submitting your detailed open positions through our contact form you agree without any charges to receive qualified candidates from W-Selection. Commission is only paid after a successful placement (*depends on the level of management position). Please contact me for pricing.

Work Process

  1. Find your next high potential by going through the top 10 resumes of the week (every 2 weeks it's updated!)
    Or submit your company details and the person of contact for your hard to fill position(s)
  2. Submit a detailed job description 
  3. You will receive a confirmation email of your submittal.  I will post without any charges your employment opportunity on the website and selected jobboards of W-Selection
  4. In addition I will search and select qualified high potentials for your position and send the resumes by email
  5. I follow up closely for accurate and timely feedback for further process (interview confirmation + assessment feedback+signing contract if necessary)


I look forward to a solid partnership in order to achieve your success!
Be blessed beyond success,

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