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W-Selection is a digital candidate-driven focused agency. We strongly believe that the foundation and ongoing success of any type of businesses is based on remarkable individuals their talents, skills and commitment. In this digital world of today and candidate-driven market, we are connected to more than amazing employment opportunities to serve the most important asset of a company: its people, its candidates, our Client Treasures as we refer to them. We are digital search & selection specialists exclusively focused on highly skilled professionals aiming to grow and improve their careers. Our number one priority is to bring careers and growing businesses to a higher level by selection services and business education. We provide business/educational ressources through our socials: FB, Twitter and LinkedIn.  

3 stages to find & recruit Client Treasures (candidates)

A digital recruitment experience focused on quality (1 – 2,5 days)

  1. Pre-Qualify  with 7 Key Competency Questions
  2. Digital assessments
  3. Career Meeting

3 Stages for Client Providers (employers) to earn Client Treasures (candidates) (1-5 days)

1. Review
Review shortlist of qualified
Client Treasures (candidates)

2. Choose & Be Approved
Choose your selected Client Treasure (candidate) & wait for his/her approval to select you (Client Provider=Employer) too.

If approved, an interview & digital assessment will be followed. If not approved, our Client Treasure thank you for your interest.

3. Propose or Redirect
Propose an offer or Redirect with constructive feedback.

“If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then
nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them” ( Gen. 11:6)

A partnership to realize & create the impossible

With a strong, solid and continuous partnership we can speed and close the gap between highly skilled professionals and unfilled employment opportunities in their field.
Together we reunite talent and opportunity to bring exceptional results to the business surface.

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